Venezuelan / the Netherland


DJ Casanova was born on September 29, 1984 in caracas, venezuela
He has been involved with music at a young age, from the age of 15 Jose has been busy playing music at various parties, he already knew one thing for sure, later I will become a DJ!
Entertaining with his own style is what Casanova prefers to do, he feels the audience well and gets super nice reactions.
Casanova is practicing daily behind his turntables and he is now much in demand in local bars, schools and other parties.
In November 2006 casanova came into contact with the DJ John de Colombia and a collaboration has arisen. As a real tough guy, Casanova now wants to look further, he is ready to play at major events and is working hard.

So keep a close eye on Dj Casanova, because you will definitely hear more from him!




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